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zio-temporal is an integration with Temporal workflow based on Java SDK and ZIO.
It allows you to run workflows in the Scala way!

Video materials:

Example projects using zio-temporal:


// Core
libraryDependencies += "dev.vhonta" %% "zio-temporal-core" % "0.6.1"

// Protobuf transport
libraryDependencies += "dev.vhonta" %% "zio-temporal-protobuf" % "0.6.1"

// Testkit
libraryDependencies += "dev.vhonta" %% "zio-temporal-testkit" % "0.6.1"


  1. zio-temporal-core - ZIO integration and basic wrappers that bring type safety to your workflows.
    Allows you to use arbitrary ZIO code in your activities
  2. zio-temporal-protobuf - integration with ScalaPB which allows you to use Protobuf
    as a transport layer protocol for communication with Temporal cluster
  3. zio-temporal-testkit - wrappers for temporal-testkit module which allows to test your workflows locally in unit tests.